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Sonny's Appliances offers quality used appliances you can depend on.  We have a wide variety of brands and products that will meet any budget.  Appliances are guaranteed clean and in working condition when they leave our shop.  Why wait weeks for that new stove when you can go home with one today?  Backed by a 30-day, in-store warranty, Sonny's will make sure you are a happy customer.  



A Cajun transplant, Sonny has been a resident of Acadiana for over 20 years.  He's owned Sonny's Appliances since 2013 and has worked hard to run the type of business that makes customers, not sales.  He supports other local businesses, stands by his products, and goes the extra mile to provide the type of hometown service South Louisiana is known for and expects.  

Thank you for shopping at Sonny's.  Thank you for shopping leauxcal!

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